Are You Dune Ready?

How you access the Silver Lake sand box has changed in the course of the last year, and we wanted to be sure to keep you in the loop!   In the past, riders needed a voucher for a Saturday or Sunday access; now, DUNE READY vouchers are no longer needed at any time.   This means that if you have a vehicle you are driving on the dunes, you no longer need to line up Friday morning for a voucher.  However, you MUST be dune ready once you get in line, or you will be turned away.

To be Dune Ready, you need:

  • -A Recreation Passport (formerly a State Park Sticker)
  • -A Trail Permit
  • -An ORV Sticker
  • -Rectangular, safety orange dune flags reaching 10 foot in height
  • -Air down tires to 15-18psi (if possible but not required)

The three stickers (passport, trail permit and ORV sticker) will be available for purchase at the Voucher Center.  However, if you want to get the stickers prior to coming to Silver Lake, Recreation Passports can be purchased by Michigan Residents at the same time of license plate renewal through the Secretary of State, and ORV stickers can be purchased at any store that sells hunting or fishing licenses.  Dune flags are available for purchase at many local retailers in the area.

What about riders who have toys that are not street legal (ie quads, bikes, dune buggies, etc)?   You will need to trailer these over to the dunes and park in the parking lot as it is not legal in Golden Township for these to be driven on the roads.   To get into the parking lot, you WILL NEED a parking lot voucher.   Distribution for these begin Friday night and Saturday night at 9pm.   Vouchers are limited.

For more details and information, visit or contact the Silver Lake State Park at 231.873.3083.

Don Tucker

by Don Tucker