Getting What You Want…It’s Easier Than You Think.

Getting What You Want…It’s Easier Than You Think.

I have taken reservations for guests at our campground for 10 years, and the amount of guests I have spoken with numbers in the thousands.  Guests run the gamut from knowing exactly what they want to having no idea.  If you have very specific ideas about your vacation, I’ve got some tips to help you get the stay you are looking for:

  1. Use Some Sugar:   The person that is taking your reservation has taken a slew of other reservations from some guests that can be pushy, demanding or rude.   Remember what your mom always said: “You attract more bees with sugar than with vinegar.”  Being positive, making jokes, laughing…all of these make me want to do everything I can to fulfill your request!
  2. Be Specific:   If you want a site close to the pool, be sure to ask if that’s available.   If you don’t want to be in a high traffic area, tell me!   In the customer service industry, we want to please you.  But, we are not mind readers.  Relaying your wishes, in a positive way, will go a long way.
  3. Get Connected:   It’s so refreshing to have a guest that is truly enthused about their upcoming visit.   It makes me want to give them that awesome experience that they are dreaming about. Forming a connection with me, even if it’s over the phone, makes you memorable.   Also, be sure to let me know if you are celebrating anything (ie birthday, anniversary, family reunion, etc) so I know it’s an extra special occasion.
  4. It’s All About the Details:  It’s always impressive to me when you know something specific about the park.  It tells me you have either stayed with us before (and we LOVE our repeat guests) or you’ve done your homework on the campground.   Even something as casual as “My kids are so excited about your fishing pond” clues me in to the time you’ve spent researching your family vacation.
  5. Make a Note:  if I am unable to accommodate a specific request for you (ie there are no end lots available), ask me to make a note about your request.   If you’ve done all of the above steps, a company that strives for good customer service will make every attempt to fulfill your request if at all possible.  If they make a note and an end spot becomes available, your name may be first on their list!

These tips can be applicable to not only lodging, but restaurants, amusements, and shops as well.   Of course, they will only help you if the company truly cares about giving you good customer service.  Bottom line…be nice, be positive, and be enthusiastic and a great vacation will be yours!

Don Tucker

by Don Tucker