Rainy Day…Yay!

Rain…That nasty four letter word that can have the power to ruin a family vacation. Or can it? Rainy days are actually some of my favorite because they force our family to step back, restart and refocus. We have to actually THINK and PLAN what we want to do instead of just doing the old beach or pool stand-by. Having some rainy day back-up plans can actually turn a potential downer day into a fun, family-focused adventure!

We’ve pinned a ton of great indoor AND outdoor activities that can be done when Mother Nature threatens to make it rain:

Some of our favorite activities include:

  • Put drops of food color on paper and watch the splatter
  • Go on a worm hunt
  • Make mud pies
  • Play I-spy
  • Put different objects (bowl, pot, plate, etc) outside and listen to the “rain music”
  • Have a water balloon fight

Plan ahead and make “Rainy Day Activity Bags” for your kids. Put on swimsuits and have a puddle jumping contest. Get scientific and make a rain gauge. Whatever you do, put on a happy face; nothing is going to rain on your family’s parade!

Don Tucker

by Don Tucker