More than a sliver of Silver Lake

Most “Mitten Lovers” fill with pride when they look at our great state. So many of us stick with it through the ups and downs, and the long summer days are worth the wait. And as for the tourists, they know just when to come to experience a great Summer.

Of course, our beach towns have a unique draw to them. That’s why I wanted to experience a day on the very lake that Silver Lake is named after.

Wave Club Sports Rentals is located right on the waterfront and offers everything to rent out from paddle boards and kayaks to wave runners and boats. I took a tour and then took to the water, so you can know just what to expect.

I went out on the water on a paddle board at first and tested my balance, and then I went out on a wave runner to test how willing I was to get splashed. Even as a first-time driver, I was gliding across the lake with the wind in my hair in no time!

I would definitely recommend going to the wave club in the early afternoon or morning when it’s less busy, if you can. No matter the time of day, though, the open skies and outstretched water really makes you feel like a kid again – wild and free to explore.

And for those who are dune fanatics, you’ll have a perfect view of the cascading hills and be able to paddle or ride towards the dunes from a new perspective. You could even park at the dunes and experience dune-style beaching.

Living here for the summer has me wondering if the people that get to live in this wonderful beach town every summer know just how lucky they are. So, don’t waste another minute – let’s get out on the water!

Sara Lackey

by Sara Lackey