Get to Know the SLRC

Why do people come to Silver Lake? The most likely answer is to hit the dunes and take their toys out for a spin. Digging deeper than that, though, people come to make memories. At Silver Lake Resort and Campground, we pride ourselves on being able to help out with this. Our park is a place for people to get away- escape the 9-5 and come relax for awhile with us. Whether you’re looking for a cabin or campsite, we work to provide a clean and fun environment for you to vacation.

While you’re busy planning, our staff is busy preparing. Behind the scenes are our employees who diligently work to provide a beautiful place to stay. At the end of the day, it’s the people who make the memories: you and your family, friends. In our case, it’s our staff who are always ready to help someone out with a smile.

In the office, you will most likely find Tammi. She has such a bright personality that you can’t just help but smile whenever you talk to her. If you come around often enough, it’s probable that she will start joking with you; it’s always a great day when Tammi’s around! She knows Silver Lake and our park inside and out. If you’re in need of a little local knowledge, she’s a good source.

You will also see our interns behind the desk taking reservations, stocking the shelves, or stealing chocolate out of the stash. Each one is eager to learn about the campground, and they have their share of fun stories to tell about the workplace too! Now that they have been here for a few months, they each have found their own favorite places to eat at and activities to do around Silver Lake. Be sure to ask them for a food recommendation if you need one!

Outside, you’ll see a few different faces. Our work campers have joined us for the season, and they come from all around! These power couples work to ensure that your site is clean and ready for arrival. They are always willing to help someone out, which is one of the many reasons we are grateful for them! Sometimes they may wave at you through the window while you’re in the office. They head to work with a smile, and they leave work with a smile. If you’re ever in need of a little help, firewood, or ice, just flag down our work campers, who can be seen buzzing around the campground on their golf carts or keeping the bathrooms sparkling clean.

This year, we’re excited to have Joe Sanders on our staff! You may see him outside making fixes and ensuring that every site, cabin, and building is ready for campers. He has been an instrumental addition to our staff, and we couldn’t have gotten this far into the season without him- or without any of our other employees! Make sure you wave if you see him on his golf cart.

When you look across the park and see the fresh cut grass, you can thank our landscaping crew for that. Most of them are Hart natives and take part in sports for the area. They like to cool off on a hot day by stocking ice in the freezer, which the office staff is particularly thankful for! They are responsible for the pool being ready for the day as well as how the park looks, and they do an exceptional job!

Our night owls are the ones who keep the campground cruising after hours. Those who are on security run a tight ship. They make sure that the quiet hours stay quiet, and for that we are grateful because then everyone gets a goodnight sleep, which equates to happy campers in the morning!

Our staff is what makes this place run smoothly day in and day out. They keep us wanting to come back and work the next day. The true value of Silver Lake Resort and Campground comes from the people who are there to help, there to share a smile, and there to help us make memories.

Outside of Silver Lake Resort and Campground

by Megan Taylor