Don Tucker
by Don Tucker

Either you’ve been camping or you haven’t…there’s really no in between. For many of us it’s  a nightmare to even consider taking young children camping. But, tackling the unknown and going out of our comfort zones can lead to some of the most exciting family vacations!

Be advised that this viewpoint is coming from a veteran camper, my wife, on the other hand, has never camped a day in her life . Her immediate response is usually “It’s dirty and what if it rains?”  Now mind you, she’s never been camping in her life.  My response is usually this: “There is nothing like sitting around a campfire with no distractions.  Besides, the kids would LOVE the adventure.” But of course, we’re sitting in the comfort of our home and not getting rained on either.  There’s  always that risk.

Camping is a very risk/reward venture; that’s what makes it an ADventure!. So, the next time you’re sitting around watching your kids run around like crazy indoors,  take them outdoors camping.

The one caveat I can’t stress enough is the importance of planning for a camping trip. Here’s a great article on camping with kids.

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