Rainy Day…Yay!

785 days ago 1 min read
Rain…That nasty four letter word that can have the power to ruin a family vacation.   Or can it?  Rainy days are actually some of my favorite because they force our family to step back, restart and refocus.   We have to actually THINK and PLAN what we want to do instead of just doing ... Read More

A Picture is Worth…Everything.

798 days ago Less than a min read
In the age of selfie’s, there is no excuse not to capture ALL of life’s big and small moments.  There are apps that allow you to alter your photo’s like a pro, and websites that allow you to make beautiful books, calendars, mugs, keychains, and huge canvas prints.  The pressure to take the “perfect” picture ... Read More

C’mon Baby…Light That Fire!

809 days ago 1 min read
No doubt about it, one of the most frustrating things about camping can be having that perfect campfire.   Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you bring your own wood, have formed the most perfect wood pyramid, and have your lucky lighter in hand, fire still refuses to appear.   The kids are whining that they ... Read More

Live Like a Local…

900 days ago 2 min read
Whenever you travel, you can either go to all of the tourist places or live like the locals.  Don’t get us wrong.   See the tourist attractions….there is a reason they are so popular.  Everyone loves them, it’s what the area is known for, and it’s fun.  When you come to Silver Lake, the essential ... Read More

A Fall Camping Event

1166 days ago 1 min read
Fall Camping, Family Photos, & Fun Events… All in a two day camping trip?? Tell me more!! The most beautiful time of year in West Michigan. Color tours on country roads. Family pictures in orchards bursting with apples. Fun events fill the calendar. What if there was a place where you could do all of ... Read More

Getting What You Want…It’s Easier Than You Think.

1270 days ago 2 min read
Getting What You Want…It’s Easier Than You Think. I have taken reservations for guests at our campground for 10 years, and the amount of guests I have spoken with numbers in the thousands.  Guests run the gamut from knowing exactly what they want to having no idea.  If you have very specific ideas about your ... Read More

Are You Dune Ready?

1277 days ago 2 min read
    How you access the Silver Lake sand box has changed in the course of the last year, and we wanted to be sure to keep you in the loop!   In the past, riders needed a voucher for a Saturday or Sunday access; now, DUNE READY vouchers are no longer needed at any ... Read More

Don’t Forget The Marshmallows!

1317 days ago 1 min read
Either you’ve been camping or you haven’t…there’s really no in between. For many of us it’s  a nightmare to even consider taking young children camping. But, tackling the unknown and going out of our comfort zones can lead to some of the most exciting family vacations! Be advised that this viewpoint is coming from a ... Read More