The Silver Lake Sand Dunes are located just one mile from our resort and offer tons of fun for the whole family!

Take a thrilling guided tour of the dunes with Mac Wood’s Dune Rides, or rent your own vehicle and take it for a spin! The Silver Lake Dunes are the only dunes in Michigan to permit personal ORVs on the sand.

ORV Info & Voucher System

One third of the dunes is dedicated solely to off-roading, which many families enjoy when they visit the area. To promote safety and a pleasant experience for all, the Silver Lake State Park requires that all off road vehicles meet specific safety standards and possess the appropriate documentation.

Make sure you’re “Dune Ready” by reading all of the necessary information and guidelines prior to your arrival.
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MacWoods Dune Rides

When in Silver Lake, taking a Mac Wood’s Dune Ride is a right of passage. Since 1930, these rides have thrilled visitors by taking them on safe, fun-filled tours that last about 40 minutes each. Tours are hosted by skilled and knowledgeable drivers who understand the history of the area and environment. See the best views on the dunes and maybe even learn something!
629 N 18th Ave, Mears, MI 49436
(231) 873-2817
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Silver Lake Buggy Rentals

Experience the dunes at your own leisure by renting an off-road vehicle with Silver Lake Buggy Rentals! Choose from a 2 or 4-seater buggy or a Teryx or K-6 ORV. This is the perfect option for experiencing the dunes when you’d rather not go through obtaining the necessary documents for your own vehicle.
8288 W Hazel Rd Mears, MI 49436
(231) 873-8833
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Parrot's Landing Recreational Rentals

Enjoy the 500 acres of open ORV dunes at your own pace by renting a Jeep from Parrot’s Landing! If you’re not sure how you’ll do out on your own, take a Jeep tour first, then try it out for yourself. Boat and jet ski Wave Runner rentals are also available. Great for families and groups of all ages.
8110 W Hazel Rd, Mears, MI 49436
(231) 873-8400
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Wild Bills Quad Rentals

For a more rugged off-road adventure on the dunes, rent a quad or custom built 4x4 dune buggy from Wild Bill’s! Choose from a Yamaha Grizzly 350 or a Polaris Razor 1000. The Yamaha is a personal vehicle, holding just the driver while the Polaris Razor can fit 2 riders. Rent for 2+ hours or by the day.
8110 W Hazel Rd, Mears, MI 49436
(231) 873-8400
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Chassis Shop

For more than 28 years, the Chassis Shop has been a leading supplier of top-quality racing products to help you outperform the competition. With a seasoned staff of pros, you’ll be sure to find the reliability, quality, and excellence you’ve been looking for at the Chassis Shop.
1931 N 24th Ave, Mears, MI 49436
(231) 873-3640
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Appletree Automotive

Appletree Automotive offers a full assortment of dune buggy, Sandrail, and VW parts, including parts for street, strip, and off-road driving. Find exactly what you’re looking for in top speed and performance at Appletree Automotive.
5472 E Polk Rd, Hart, MI 49420
(231) 873-3262
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David Allen Racing

David Allen Racing specializes in high performance parts and accessories to help your ORV perform at its best, especially on the dunes. Suspension lifts, tires, hubs and winches, you name it. David Allen Racing has what you need for amazing dune speed.
1951 N 24th Ave, Mears, MI 49436
(888) 873-4047
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